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Thursday, June 16, 2011

You stab a man for wearing yellow?

Alright, so scratch my previous post. Almost completely. Although I do hope the Europeans enjoyed their solar eclipse.

But i just want to get a few things figured out here, and make a few observations:

1. Your team makes it to game 7 of the Stanley cup playoffs and you... have an angry riot? I am seriously asking this, but... What exactly are you mad at? Should you not just be super proud that you had a great season and made it this far and got silver? Maybe have warm wishes for next year?
1a) Observation/Opinion: The people that were rioting were not the actual fans, they were merely bandwagon jumpers who had no right to participate in any celebration or loss. A real fan would not be angry that their team lost in game 7; Disappointed maybe, but not upset. I believe that the city should, for future reference, not prevoke mass amounts of people with screens. As a real fan, i did not find them useful in the least because the game was hardly visible. Therefore, the people who really care are at home watching it with friends, and the people that just want to drink, party, and cause problems are down there cheering when others cheer and booing excessively if someone makes a mistake.

2.  You stab a man for wearing yellow? I mean... in the end, its a yellow jersey with a B on the front. And that somehow offends you? I mean. The pink squirrel flannel pajamas i am wearing are kind of offensive too i suppose, because they are hideous... but other then that... its fabric. Or is it what it represents? An activity played on ice by people ages 2-70 in way that is both fun and entertaining? A group of men who happened to get drafted to a city where they did not live to play out their dream of playing a sport they live and making a living at it? You are stabbing someone that is supporting a group of 20-35 year old men doing what they love wherever they could get picked up? I am guessing you don't drive a Chrysler do you. But you think it is alright to cheer for another group of men who are doing the same thing, from all around the WORLD, including the states, and happen to be wearing a blue and green colored fabric? Are you going to stab me? My squirrels look sad trying to find their acorns. Does that offend you too? How about my red polka dot pants. Red is the colour of a stop light. Does that make you angry? On a second note. I heard that Canucks fans were yelling at a man because he was walking his BOSTON terrier. A Dog... with the word 'Boston' in its breed... ha.. ha... {bang!}. I mean really. Its a sporting event for god sakes. And you sure as hell do not deserve to participate in it. Get the fuck out of life.

3. Let me this this straight... Your team loses in game 7 and you... burn your own city? Wow... Way to think that one through guys. Bet you are proud of yourself now. I am actually SO proud to be Calgarian right now because out of the 3 places i 'live', it is the only one that has not recently had a dangerous, useless riot over something so ridiculous. We lost in game 7 in 2004 and... went home disappointed...? Sorry if that's not dramatic enough for you... but i think its pretty awesome to show that we are decent human beings with respect for yourselves, our city, and our friends and family.
2a) Observation/Opinion: wow... just wow... glad i don't live here and have to pay the taxes to rebuilt what has been broken. And what makes me mad, is the people that trashed things all looked like the skum of the city and probably don't even make enough to pay the taxes needed to rebuild what they broke. Freeloaders from the start. I'm with my dad when he says 'they should just have snipers on roofs shooting anyone who throws something through a window or lights a match'. If this were the case, I would join the police force. Because clearly people that are that reckless and juvenile are no help to civilization and should be wiped out prematurely. I'm all for survival of the fittest, even when its forced.

4. You see a car fire and you take a picture? really? Other then the fact that you are an idiot, what is your excuse? I don't care if you were 'just watching'. I hope you spend the rest of your life knowing that you caused people to die. Because there were so many crowds 'watching' what was happening, the cops could not get to people being beaten and stabbed in time. or even to arrest everyone that was being reckless. Next time, get the fuck out of the way. Go home. And watch it on the news like the rest of us. Unless you are a firefighter, you should never run towards a fire. And unless you are risking your life like police officers are every day and trying to break up and stop the things that are happening, don't be anywhere near it.
3a) Observation/Opinion: I wish that I knew more people here and could recognize some faces, because i would not even take a breath before I called 911 and reported them. That goes for my friends in Calgary or Toronto as well. If a riot breaks out, hide your face if you are involved because I WILL report you.. i don't need friends like that anyway; though i pride myself on not involving myself with morons.

5. The next time someone says they 'hate cops' (or any ridiculous slang for the police) I will do a various number of negative things to you depending on my relationship to you. If you are my friend, you wont be any longer, and if you are a stupid hoodlum with a bad attitude, i may risk my life to kick you in the face (i will find a way to get you on the ground first). First of all. The police are strict because they need to be. And in Canada, they are too lenient. Have you seen major riots like this over such small things in the states? no. because they know that they would get their asses kicked. It is a damn good thing that I am not a police officer because it would not be long before i was arrested myself for police brutality. There are so many god damn unintelligent and dangerous people out there that i don't think its a bad thing to knock a few of them out, even permanently. If you have a legitimate reason to hate the police, then i have a legitimate reason to hate you. Whether you are drinking on the street and they pour it out, speeding through a playground zone and they give you a ticket, or lighting cars on fire and looting department stores, if you say 'i hate the police' you are officially part of this rant. Maybe try to do something with your life where the police do not need to bother you. Help yourself, your city, your friends and family, and humanity as a whole.

In conclusion.
I know that it was not all of Vancouver causing problems last night, and it is unfortunate that this is now a reputation of the city. But those of us educated, mannered, and decent human beings that are still around need to band together and give ourselves a reason to live, because this view of humanity that i now have engrained in my head makes me wonder why we even bother trying.

Ps: I learned that I am scared of myself last night, because watching 4 Canucks beat 1 Boston fan on tv, I thought to myself that if i had been there i probably would have interjected and gotten the shit kicked out of me. But that poor man didn't deserve it.

Pps: Even if this kills me. I would like to make a shout out to the Boston Bruins. You guys played amazing. You showed up to every game. And you deserved that win. Anyone that says otherwise is blinded to true sportsmanship.

I need some faith in humanity.

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