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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting down to the dirt and grind.

Not so much dirt as books, but absolutely grind; grinding said books into my temporary knowledge compartment to be extracted for one single test before I hope to never hear about Aristotle, Plato, or Socrates again... at least inside a classroom environment: Allegory of the cave will always be an interesting read.

With finals quickly approaching and summer calling for me in the background is very difficult to prioritize my time (even though it should be obvious). Studying, hanging out with friends while I still can, packing up my room, planning events and gatherings back in Calgary, securing jobs for when I get home... what is REALLY more important?  Really though, any of the above seem better then studying. Skyping with my boyfriend also seems to be taking priority over other things, and apparently writing this blog does too.
Is it AMAZING how, when there is no school work to be done there seems to be absolutely no housekeeping to be done (including life organizing), but when finals roll around there are an infinite number  of things to do that are better then studying... like dust, go through clothes, straighten posters that you will soon be taking down anyway, and of course 'stumble', which i like to view as broadening my knowledge base... that's like studying right?

In my quest to avoid studying I came across my forever favorite ad campaign: 'Real men of Genius'. The writing style in these ads blows my mind with its own genius and completely hits the mark when relating to, and describing, these 'real men'. Everybody knows one of each of these men and these ads  encapsulate them PERFECTLY, its hard not to laugh every time. When people can relate to your ad, by either seeing themselves or someone they know, you have a winner. People like to think that ads are speaking to them specifically. Like a song on the radio after a break up, you just KNOW it was written for you, and you fall in love with it. If you have not seen these ads I would HIGHLY recommend them. (you can also check out 'Real American heroes' which was the previous name for the campaign)

As for my current campaigns, we presented our Southern Comfort event today dressed in full western wear (with push up bras and an extra button undone for bonus marks). Personally, I think if brought to life, this event would be one of the best events to hit Canada. It's called the 'Mix me a new one Tour' and pretty much revolves around classic southern/western fun with alcohol and great bands. The Tragically Hip and Deadmau5 were selected as the two main bands (to incorporate the bluesy/jazz feeling as well as emphasize the 'big idea' of 'mixing' with the current most popular DJ). An event where you get a great drink (with 5 free samples) in which you can mix with any of your favorite mixes, being served by beautiful people, listening to the best music there is, with events like bull riding, corn eating, and various small western games for which you can win more alcohol and other various prizes... for free? Hell... I'd probably fly back to Toronto to attend (though i would suggest they stop in Calgary). I hope we get a good mark cause, lets be honest, its an awesome idea!

I suppose only time will tell...

I should begin to focus on the work I have AHEAD of me, like studying. And this is where i leave you: Wishing that SoCo hires Sumaya, Becky, and I as their promotional team, and addicted to watching and finding all the 'Real men of Genius' ads. You are on the same page as me.


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  1. haha nice!! I hope SoCo hires us too, we would be a kick-ass team. And yeah, those "Real Men of Genius" ads are awesome, I love how the guy from Journey does the melody part.