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Friday, May 20, 2011

Post-life BBQ - 6:01pm per time zone - Ill bring the cynicism

Who: The other 97% of the world
What: A BBQ for those of us that did not pass Judgement day
Where: H-E-Double Hockey Sticks (for the Canadians), 'Hell' for everyone else
Why: Because we thought that we were using logic and common sense to explain the worlds happenings while not basing our lives around what seemed to be a bunch hodge podge to help people sleep at night... and now? We are keeping Satan company.
When: OCTOBER 21st, 2011 @ 6:01 as per Mr. Camping's Prediction.

RSVP: well... You don't really have a choice... so... If all goes as predicted.. SEE YOU THERE!

PS: Personally, I think that our party will be better then the one up above. They may have Albert and Philadelphia cream cheese, but we have a way bigger party with all the people from around the world that DIDN'T have sticks up their asses their whole lives.



In all seriousness though, I really hope that this prediction does not bring on mass suicides like many other incidents where predictions went horribly wrong; need I remind you all of the Millennium?

I will admit, when I heard this story I got a little nervous. I do see myself as a pretty loyal atheist, however, sometimes, and only sometimes, I'm like'... ohhhhhhh fuck... what if?' Clearly not a thought strong enough for me to forget all reason and drop to my knees with my fingertips to the sky, but just enough to be like: 'that would suck'. Kind of the same thing with 2012 I suppose. There may be some small hints that something could be true, but mostly just people trying to understand the world a little better by throwing in ideas and waiting for people to search for what they want to see.

Needless to say, If the rapture does happen tomorrow I will likely be the first person in my time zone to be transported DOWN into the depths of the earth (or wherever the devil may reside); as far away from god as possible, if this theory is true (and by this theory I am referring to the theory of god as a whole).

I suppose all I can say is: Thank ____ I have friends and family on the east coast. Be dears and warn me when people start to burn up beside you? Give me the chance to live my last 3 natural-disaster free hours to their fullest. As for you guys... Get in contact with China? ASAP? Cause I think its just about that time there.

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