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Monday, June 27, 2011

Moving on up! And a little to the right.

The internship is winding down and a whole new set of adventures is ahead of me.
I can say that this has been an eye opening, thrilling, helpful experience and I am so glad i had the opportunity to partake in it. I have learned a few things:
  1. I don't like getting up early
  2. 9-5:30, mon-fri are not my dream hours
  3. There is A LOT of reading in copywriting and I think it should be named 'copyproofing'
  4. I really enjoy editing content, small bits at a time
  5. I now have a new drive to learn and improve my art direction skills so that I will not be limited to reading/writing.
  6. I hope to have an office one day so that when I need a break from reading I won't feel guilty looking through facebook or watching videos.
  7. Make SURE you check who you are sending a message to on skype, especially if both your boyfriend and your boss have open chats going. Thank god for the 'delete message' option. (no... nothing dirty... but things that would be inappropriate to send your boss none the less)
  8. It seems to be common that people ACTUALLY type grammatically  correct when using skype for work, and emoticons are frowned upon.
  9. Something in the air of offices makes you sneeze A LOT.
  10. There are a lot of pretty cool people in this industry, and with a tweak of goals, I hope to be one of them.

I will miss Vancouver very much. its beautiful, has great people (aside from those who were mentioned in the previous post), there is always so much to do, and two of my most loved people live here! This will definitely be a place that I start adding to my vacation plans. Visiting the people here would be reason enough, not to mention the uncharted waters!

From here I am off to a friends wedding for two days on one of Vancouver's beautiful islands. Sun, water, dancing, celebrating, food, and drink. Jealous yet?! It will be fantastic.

After celebrating love for a few days, My boyfriend and I continue celebrating love by taking a road trip together! Back to Vancouver for a day for one last goodbye, down to Kelowna for 2 nights of camping and beach leasure, down to Revelstoke to explore all things enchanted, and get a birds eye view of the beautiful mountain forestry. After one final night, in the comfort of a hotel this time, we are headed back to calgary. Returning just in time (fingers crossed) for my spanish lesson, and with only one evening to prepare for.. what? OPENING DAY AT THE CALGARY STAMPEDE AND AARON LINES AT NASHVILLE NORTH!!!!!!

All I can say... is that I am excited as FUCK for the week ahead.

Oh, and did I mention that its Matt and my 6th month of dating? In his words, 'its official' (since apparently nobody takes it seriously until this point. Luckily for us this 6 months is based on the day you started dating rather then how much time you have spent in person. ha.)

So with that, I leave you for a week of love, bliss, relaxation, and enchantment.
And with a few following videos to get you pumped up for THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

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  1. Sweet Read! You are a great writer. REALLY enjoyed this one.

    lol :) :)