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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Once in a lifetime experiences, but hopefully not.

(listen to the link below while you read this. Makes it sooooooo much more exciting. But make sure to go back and watch the other links too. They are golden.)

(Get Get Get Ready Ready Ready to RUMBLE!)
Ya'll ready for this?
Ya'll ready for this?
Whoomp there it is!
Pump up the Jam, Yo Pump it Up, Yo Pump it
This is Your Night
Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive
Ya'll ready for this? 

Welcome to the big show
let me hear ya say WAY-OH! (Way-oh!) 

I think that I am having a pretty lucky month being able to have an internship in Vancouver, hang out with one of my best friends whom I never see, get closer with my really awesome cousin, and... what? THE CANUCKS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS WHILE I AM HERE?!
No fricken way. Yes way! No way. Serious? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I am not one of those bandwagon jumpers, completely anyway. I cheer for the flames when they are playing, but the Canucks have always been my back up team to cheer for if the flames are not on the ice. And because of this I am SUPER pumped that the final game is tonight and one of my 2 teams could win it all!
It is true that i am going downtown, getting the full experience, but I, unlike 90% of the people down there, are there to watch the game and cheer for the team. Not to get drunk and force hi-fives onto people with dirty hands.
Though? I am looking at it like an experience that, odds are, won't happen again. Not that the Canucks won't make it again, but that I will be staying in the city where the team I am cheering for is 'Searching for Stanely', especially with my city hopping schedule.
So I am not only excited about the hockey, I am excited that I get to partake in such an exciting experience, watching most of Canada, and various places around the world, unite to cheer for a single cause, one that is based purely on joy (even though the fighting may say otherwise). THE GREATEST SPORT (to watch) IN THE WORLD! (except for maybe rugby... that shit is intense)
It is not very often that experiences like this come along. Experiences that only happen 'once in a lifetime' (but hopefully not).
I missed the last 'Once in a lifetime' experience. And that one was ACTUALLY once in a lifetime, and not everyones' lifetime either. The Solar eclipse that happened last December. I was in mexico and had every intention to watch it, however... i fell asleep... 
But I'm not falling asleep for this one Canucks Fans! I will be there, representing all fans that do not live in this city, cheering my heart out. Throat scratching, fist pumping, arm waving, feet stomping cheering. Damn right. THIS IS THE FINALS BITCHES! DO IT UP!
Also... Luongo reminds me of my long lost Mexican lover (not actual lover) Alberto. Mexico may have been a skewed trip of missed experiences, but not Vancouver. Oh no sir. Tomorrow may hurt at work, but...
OH YEA! And i get to watch the game with everything else that is awesome about this city. My cousin, my friend, and my internship (or at least a person from it)


And speaking of 'not so once in a lifetime experiences', Get out a blanket and cuddle up to a loved one, tonight is a not-so-infrequent Total Lunar Eclipse. That is.. if you are in Europe or Asia.

So lets remember tonight, the 15th of June, 2011, as a night of Bliss and Beauty.

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