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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dotted lines are for... straddling?

In preparation for the big move I have been running around tying up loose ends and visiting with people before I leave. This scattered schedule has lead to an increased amount of driving which, in turn, has lead to an increased hate on for Toronto. Its as if people have never driven before and they just happen to be testing their first day behind the wheel on the days that I am on the road. There are just a few tips that I would like to share with the drivers of Toronto:
   - The dotted lines in the middle of the road are meant to separate the lanes, not to straddle and weave in and out of.
   - Signal lights are generally a good idea, or at the VERY least shoulder checking before you nearly side swipe me and force me into the other lane (thankfully i know how it drive and had pre-checked that the space was clear) *this has happened 3 times in the last 2 weeks*
   - Speed consistency is a bonus for everyone. I understand when you get caught up singing a song and slow down a bit.. but a 15km difference is just getting ridiculous... please... for the love of god... pick a speed! you are on a highway! It is extremely dangerous to speed up and slow down so often!
           *as a side note. if you don't want me to pass you (which is shown by your drastically increased speed when I try) then keep a constant speed. When you do force me back in behind you keep the speed that you so intensely wanted to drive at a few seconds ago, otherwise.. just let me pass! What are you trying to prove?
   - And finally, this is not cops. You do not need to swerve in and out of traffic as fast as you can. Its dangerous and irresponsible.. and you look like a douche. You know I'm going to see you at the next light... I have at the last 3... you are MAYBE gaining 1 minute.

In 6 days i am driving from Toronto to Ottawa. I can only hope for the best but I do sincerely hope that drivers are on their best behaviors as I, along with everyone else on the road, would love to make it home safely. Please don't ruin it for me on the home stretch.

That is all for now. I am safely in bed which is where I plan to stay for the most part while I study ethics for the next few days.
   - Virtue (Arete) : Excellence, being good at.
        * be good at driving, for Aristotle.


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