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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Between lives

I feel like my life is a countdown. Counting down the days until school starts. Counting down the days until my boyfriend comes and visits. Counting down the days until i get to go home for my birthday, for Christmas, for reading week, and finally for summer again. Counting the days until I have to go back to school (although I wish i would stop that). It just seems like, when you live in two places, you only have multiple temporary homes rather then any sort of permanent home.
For example: In the next 5 months i will be living in 5 homes. Rez for the rest of the semester, parents house in Calgary, boyfriends house in Calgary, apartment in Vancouver for internship, and finally my new apartment in Toronto for the rest of school.

There are ups and downs to every location:
Calgary has all of my friends and family and boyfriend but i cant stay for long because I always have to leave for school. As well i generally sink back into negative ruts in regards to personality and complicated friendships. My feelings are always very split when i go home, but over all it is my favorite place to be: it has the most love.
Toronto is great because i have school and new experiences and new people to be meet. I love my school and the projects, and i also love my part time job at the nearby mall. But even through all of these great life enhancing activities i feel as though I am missing out on the social aspect of life. I don't have many friends here (which is partially my fault and partially the fault of others) and the friends that i do have are often busy. However i am working on making new friends and hope to strengthen my bonds in Toronto so the next two years are manageable.
As for Vancouver i have not been there yet but I feel that it will have a positive impact on my life. I have an internship there, my own place, my boyfriend will be driving up and home with me, i have friends and family in the area, and the trip will end with a great road trip and a friends wedding.

I feel like i am sleeping my life away in Toronto. Being that i went to school for 2 years in Calgary before transferring to my current program i have 1 less course then others in my class and feel that the work load is not nearly heavy enough. I am the kind of person that likes to work straight for hours and get things done; because of this i am a keener when i get new projects and usually finish them the night or next that i get them. Following that i have very little to do for the next 3 weeks that people are given to complete it. I only work twice a week at my job and see friends maybe once a week when they have time. This does however leave time for me to watch every episode of every show i like online and skype with my boyfriend for hours on end, so i can't complain. But nothing beats working on a good campaign.

I am looking forward to moving all of my stuff into the new place in 2 weeks. My dad is coming down to help me find and move furniture and then we are driving up to ottawa to have an egg hunt and easter dinner with my cousins before flying home for an easter egg hunt and dinner at home! going to an awesome 19th-24th :) I love organizing and packing and unpacking so this move is really something to look forward to. I hope i can find some great furniture.

Anyway, thats enough about me. My future blogs will hopefully be more useful to onlookers and offer something in return for their time. Looking forward to offering some useful updates in the way of work, school, and internships!


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