Life is a highway

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A plan within a plan.

13 days until Toronto. or is it 13 days left of Calgary. With a new place, new classes, and a new job waiting it's hard not to be excited to get started. But with friends, family. and my boyfriend its hard not to be sad to leave.

Then there is the excitement of the new classes for the semester. However, there were some major switch ups and now I am with the other class. I did not take a lot of the first year classes that integrated the two groups so I don't know many people from this class, but I'm excited to get to know them. Having 2 days of class a week will be great. Finally feel like going to class is worth while since its more then a blip in my day. Now the only concern is keeping busy so I don't go stir crazy the other 5.

I have a trial work day at a doggy daycare not far from my house. I am really excited to try it out. I don't think there would be such thing as a bad day at work or losing interest in my job if I get to be around dogs all day. I wonder just how much I will like it. Part of me wants to love it, but part of me wants to hate it so that I dont follow through with my most recent career idea of owning my own doggy daycare, therefore wasting 4 more years of my life in school (Shout out: yes mother... education is never wasted.. I know). I can only imagine how wonderful the day will be getting to spend it all with dogs and playing, I'm not opposed to cleaning either.

There are so many things to focus on its hard to get a set plan in order. As an extreme planner, organizer, and perfectionist of time, it is difficult to live day by day, which I have heard is the best method. So for now I will plan only for what I know, to go to Ottawa on the 1st, visit for 4 days, drive to Toronto on the 5th, school on the 6th and 7th, trial work day on the 8th... and then hopefully real work days after?

But what do I want to do with my life? I know what I WANT in my life.. but the income to acquire those wants is where I generally get stuck. I can tell you one thing, I would not be one of those people who commits suicide after winning the lottery, I have enough plans to last me a lifetime for that money without being bothered by it.
So Advertising, Writer, or Owner of {insert cool doggy daycare name here}?

I guess only time will tell. My internship slightly soured me to the world of copywriting but school always seems to perk me up about it again. And writing? I would love to write a book on relationships, or a column about my thorough and dramatic opinions. The problem with this: success in these careers are based on readership and likeability, I'm not sure I want to leave my income up to something so unstable. And then Doggy Daycare. One of those jobs that has the perks of happiness and fulfillment but slightly lacking on the 'big house and many trips' front.

Conclusion? I will be a freelance copywriter who writes a book at night once I get my Doggy Daycare off the ground an have enough people working under me to take lots of time off.
Or just go into advertising and own lots of dogs and write a book at night.

*Sigh* If only there were more complete times associated with these plans... it would truly satisfy my obsessive compulsive need to plan my life to the tee. God damn living life day by day and accepting spontaneity.

I am now going to write up my plan for the day... down to the minute... starting with hitting the 'publish post' button, just to ease the tension of flexibility.